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DURATION OF MOVE - Please be aware that all online estimates are approximate and not binding. These estimates are informed by our years of experience with similar relocations. Each move has its own set of circumstances, so we cannot offer fixed prices. Factors that may affect the duration of your move include the use of stairs or elevators, the walking distance to the truck, drive time, and other variables.

SERVICE REQUIREMENTS - Booking a move requires meeting certain service requirements. On regular days, a minimum of three hours is necessary for local moves. During Saturday mornings, in distant towns, or on peak days, at least four hours are required.

DRIVING TIME CHARGES - As per the rules of the California Public Utilities Commission, moving companies that are licensed and insured in California must charge double for the driving time between pick-up and drop-off locations. For further details, you can refer to the Maximum Rate Tariff (Item 36, page 9) on the CPUC website. You can also find additional details on our website.

ACCEPTABLE PAYMENTS - We accept payments via cash and credit/debit cards. Please note, personal, business, or cashier’s checks are not accepted. Charges are billed hourly until payment is complete, so prompt payment is beneficial. The client or a representative must be present during the move and at the final walk-through. Additionally, the cardholder must be onsite to sign the credit card receipt, and must present a matching government-issued photo ID or driver’s license.

APPLIANCE HANDLING - Our team can help with the disconnection and reconnection of appliances, but we are not an appliance repair service and do not cover liabilities for reconnecting water and gas lines, pipes, and taps. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure proper connection of appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators to avoid mishaps. We are not liable for any internal malfunctions of appliances if no external damage has occurred during the move.

PACKING OPTIONS - Our crew can pack your items if you haven't packed them yourself. We supply plastic wrap and tape at no cost. Boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap are available for purchase if needed.

PARKING MANAGEMENT - It is up to the customer to secure parking for the move day. Any parking fines incurred due to lack of permits or improper parking setups will be the responsibility of the customer.

PROPERTY PROTECTION - We can move large items like gun safes and pianos, but moving oversized furniture through tight spaces may cause damage to floors and walls. We are not responsible for any damage incurred under these circumstances if you choose to proceed with such moves.

PLANT TRANSPORTATION - We transport house and garden plants carefully, but due to their delicate nature, we cannot ensure they will arrive undamaged. Large potted plants may incur an additional "heavy item fee."

ADDITIONAL FEES - Extra charges might apply for special items or services such as packing supplies (boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, excluding tape and plastic wrap), bulky items (pianos, safes), storage services, double driving time, and tolls.

WALL FIXTURES - We are equipped to take down wall-mounted TVs, mirrors, and artwork. However, we do not offer re-mounting services at the new location. We recommend hiring a professional contractor or handyman for these tasks.

FLAT SCREEN TVs - We handle your flat screen TVs with utmost care. We request a few minutes to test the TVs before the move and upon arrival to ensure they are functioning properly.

CPUC INFORMATION - By agreeing to use our services, you confirm that you will review the “Important information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet. This guide, provided by the CPUC, details the moving process and your rights as a consumer in California.

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