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Moving blankets

Types of moving blankets and their role in moving process

Moving across long distances brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and secure. At Local Orange County Movers, we place a high priority on the protection of your items. For every long-distance move, we use the highest quality moving pads to ensure that each piece of furniture is well-protected against the rigors of travel.

The Importance of Moving Pads in Protecting Your Items

Moving pads, or blankets, are indispensable for preventing damage to your furniture and valuables during transport. These protective covers shield against scratches, dents, and the general wear that can occur during a move. However, the protection offered by moving pads varies based on their specifications.

Standard Size for Comprehensive Coverage

The majority of moving pads are designed in a 72 inches by 80 inches dimension. This universal size ensures a wide range of furniture, from delicate heirlooms to bulky sofas, is fully covered and protected.

Weight Indicates Level of Protection

  • Lightweight Moving Blankets: At about 43 pounds per dozen, they provide basic cushioning suitable for items requiring minimal padding.
  • Economy Moving Pads: Weighing approximately 54 pounds per dozen, these pads offer a balance between protection and ease of handling.
  • Mid-Weight Moving Blankets: With a weight of about 65 pounds per dozen, they're ideal for more valuable possessions needing extra care.
  • Heavy-Duty Moving Blankets: At roughly 75 pounds per dozen, these are made for the most valuable items and toughest moves.
  • Premium Moving Blankets: Weighing 85 pounds per dozen, these are optimal choice for local and long distance moves.
  • Supreme Moving Blankets: The heaviest at up to 95 pounds per dozen, they offer the ultimate protection for your most sensitive items.
Lightweight Moving Blankets
Economy Moving Blankets

Material Choices for Durability and Protection

  • Polyester: Chosen for its strength and durability, ideal for heavy-duty blankets.
  • Cotton: Provides a gentler protection, perfect for delicate surfaces.
  • Recycled Textile Fibers: An environmentally friendly option that still offers solid protection, used in various blanket types.
  • Woven vs. Non-Woven Fabrics: Woven fabrics are selected for durability and resistance to tears, making them suitable for more demanding uses.
Mid-Weight Moving Blankets
Heavy Duty Moving Blankets

Choose Local Orange County Movers for Your Long-Distance Move

Selecting Local Orange County Movers for your relocation means choosing a partner who understands the importance of keeping your belongings safe. We ensure that every item, no matter its size or value, is wrapped in the highest quality moving pads. Our team is skilled in determining the best type of moving pad for each item, guaranteeing optimal protection from pickup to delivery.

As you plan your long distance move, take comfort in knowing that Local Orange County Movers is prepared to offer the comprehensive protection your belongings deserve. Our commitment to using the best moving pads is just one way we provide a worry-free moving experience.

Premium Moving Blankets
Supereme Moving Blankets


For a move that spans distances, ensuring the safety of your belongings is paramount. Local Orange County Movers stands ready to wrap your life's possessions in the protection they need with top-quality moving pads. With us, you can expect your items to arrive in the same condition they left, giving you one less thing to worry about during your move.

When it comes to long-distance moves, don't settle for less than the best protection for your belongings. Choose Local Orange County Movers for a service that wraps every piece of furniture in high-quality moving pads, ensuring a safe and secure arrival at your new home.

Bonus: Insider Information

If you are planning a DIY long distance trip utilizing either rental moving truck or moving pod delivery company, you will need your own moving blankets to protect your valuable furniture and other items. Alternatively, if you a hiring movers for simple moving labor (to load your truck or pod) you may inquire from the company of your choice about availability of blankets for sale, and of course the price and quality. However, you are looking to purchase the blankets on your own, you may consider the following options:

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I was very impressed with Local Orange County Movers! What I thought would take half of our day, was done surprisingly quickly and efficiently.


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Recently used OCM for a move and they were great. They worked their behinds off, took really good are of our furniture and overall just did a really good job.


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I've hired movers in the past but these guys are the best! They are well equipped, professional and very time efficient. Definitely recommend.


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They have all the right equipment to keep your items and your house safe. My words truly can't even come close to really how perfect they executed our move.


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