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Save Money on Your Move

How to Cut Moving Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving is considered one the most stressful life events, and given the significant inflation in the recent years, the increased cost of moving added additional pressure on our clients. We have created this guide to help our customers manage their moving budget by implementing the following strategies.

Finding the Cost-Effective Moving Company

  • Shop Around: Obtain a quote from several moving companies. Avoid the first results in the advertising section of most search engines, as many of them might be out-of-state brokers with predatory tactics. Instead select moving companies from the maps section and results below. Provide all relevant details about your move when applying for the quotes in order to obtain accurate quotes.
  • Compare quotes and offers: No moving company is the same, and quotes might slightly differ. Make sure to clarify from each company if they have additional charges for wardrobe boxes, tape, plastic wrap, fuel costs, mileage, heavy and bulky items, taxes, etc. Consider companies that offer transparent pricing provided in the written format. Ensure there are no disclaimers and small print on the bottom of emails.
  • Off-peak dates: Consider moving on middle-of-the-week dates and even afternoons, they are considered slowest days for the moving companies. If you are flexible, you may save as much as 10-15% by selecting an off-peak date for your move.
  • Final Numbers: For small apartment moves you may consider going with an hourly rate. Make sure to carefully read all terms and conditions, and what is included in the rate. When it comes to large, complex house moves, or commercial moving projects consider conducting a visual or virtual estimate in order to obtain a binding, not-to-exceed written quote. Ensure that all charges are included in the written quote.

Ways to Save on Packing

  • DIY Packing: If you are on a budget, packing your minor items yourself is an excellent way to save. You can order packing materials online or in person from the well-known stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and specialized locations of U-Haul. Make sure to use plenty of padding materials such as packing paper and bubble-wrap while packing the glassware and other fragile items. Don’t forget to label the boxes accordingly.
  • Free or Cheap Moving Supplies: Many local stores might give you away intact and usable carboard boxes. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace and other similar platforms are great choice for finding discounted or even free moving and packing supplies. Word of caution: be careful when meeting strangers online.
  • Reusable Packing Supplies: Most of the companies provide wardrobe boxes, moving blankets and speed-packs free of charge (including our moving company), but others have rental charges for these items. Clarify with the moving company if they have additional charges for these necessary supplies. Additionally, some moving companies supply reusable plastic totes, albeit almost all of them charge for delivery and rentals.
  • Full vs. Partial Packing Services: When applying for a moving quote clarify charges for packing services, and packing materials. If you find the cost of packing materials significantly higher than a market-price, consider providing these supplies on your own in order to save, and use only professional packing services. Additionally, you may consider packing fragile items, such as glassware and kitchenware and leaving other minor items to be packed by movers. Packing fragile items is a time-consuming process, as it has to be done diligently.

Plan Efficient Move Itinerary

  • Saving on Long Distance Moves: There are several strategies that you can implement in order to save on your long-distance move. Consider renting a moving truck and driving it yourself, while leaving the loading and unloading to professional movers. Additionally, you may consider using Portable Pods to transport your belongings. Finally, you may consider discarding or donating your items, and just simply purchasing new ones at the destination. In all cases, make sure to calculate all applicable expenses, such as fuel, meals, lodging, tolls, etc. In order to conduct an accurate comparison.
  • Dedicated Trucks vs. Consolidated Cargo: You are flexible and ready to wait up to 21 days for a final delivery, consider using shared (consolidated truck) for you long distance move. It might present significant savings, but open up a variety of risks at the same time. Items will be stored temporarily in the warehouse and frequently will go through several chains of custody, thus might be lost, damaged by moisture, or simply mixed up with other customer’s belongings and not delivered. In contrast, dedicated trucks might be expensive, but you can rest assured that your items will be handled by a single set of hands and delivered within 24-72 hours, depending on the distance to be traveled.
  • Expenses Related to Family and Pets: In addition to cargo transportation, consider expenses related to your family. Airfare, lodging, meals and pets' accommodation should be taken into consideration while moving across the cities or state lines.

Temporary Storage Options

  • Free is Always Good: If you need to store your items temporarily, you may research storage facilities such as Public Storage, for 1st month free promotions. Additionally, you may ask your friends and family to use their garage space temporarily. Finally, most of the moving companies offer over-night storage options (not free in most cases).
  • Cheaper Storage Options: Consider selecting a storage facility further away from city centers, as they tend to be significantly cheaper, but make sure they are proximal to the new destination, and have convenient accessibility.
  • Optimize Storage Space: Select a storage unit with high ceilings to maximize space utilization. Ensure that sturdy and solid pieces are stacked on the bottom of the storage, while fragile items are on higher levels, to avoid crushing them.

Start Your Budget Friendly Move now.

We hope that you found strategies outlined above useful and beneficial. Start planning your move early in order to maximize the savings by selecting the most appropriate options. Always hire a company that is reliable and well recognized to ensure that no surprises are presented during the move.

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They have all the right equipment to keep your items and your house safe. My words truly can't even come close to really how perfect they executed our move.


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