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Broken Dolly wheel

How to change dolly / hand truck wheels

Our cheap Orange County Movers have encountered two significant issues with the moving dollies' wheel attachment method:

  • The split lock washers that secure the wheels to the dolly axles are notoriously difficult to find in stores
  • Removing these washers without damaging them is often challenging

After repeatedly changing the wheels and struggling with locking washers, we opted for a simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective solution: securing the wheels with cotter pins by drilling holes. Here are the DIY steps for replacing wheels on Milwaukee hand trucks/dollies available at major home improvement stores, such as Lowe's and Home Depot:


  • Curved jaw locking pliers
  • Drill and appropriately sized cobalt bit
  • Cotter pin and regular washer
  • New dolly wheel
How to Change Dolly Wheel Video


  • Use Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Rubber Grip to remove the old locking/retaining washer. Just tighten it barely more than the washer diameter, and it will literally crush the old washer, and just pull it out. If for some reason it's not gripping the washer, consider picking the washer with a flat screwdriver to raise it a little above the bearing to allow you to grip it with pliers. Remove the washer by twisting it side to side.
  • Remove the old wheel.
  • Install the new wheel, and follow it with the regular dolly washer (we've missed it in video).
  • With the new wheel and washers installed, mark a spot roughly 2 mm from the edge of the outer washer. Remove the new wheel.
  • Drill the marked spot with a high RPM drill and a cobalt bit.
  • Mount the new wheel.
  • Insert the cotter pins into the drilled holes and bend the ends of the cotter pins to secure the wheel in place.

This method offers an easy and reliable alternative to locking washers for securing dolly wheels, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. We hope you liked our dolly repair guide, and will select handy and smart Orange County Movers for your move!

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Recently used OCM for a move and they were great. They worked their behinds off, took really good are of our furniture and overall just did a really good job.


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I've hired movers in the past but these guys are the best! They are well equipped, professional and very time efficient. Definitely recommend.


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They have all the right equipment to keep your items and your house safe. My words truly can't even come close to really how perfect they executed our move.


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