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Upright Piano Moving Guide

We receive numerous questions, whether or not we move pianos, and the answer is a solid yes! At Local Orange County Movers, we offer professional piano moving services in Orange County , and we are proud to declare that we have been moving pianos for more than a decade. We have properly trained piano moving teams, all necessary equipment, and a proven track of our services, backed up by online testimonials. In addition to our expertise, we are licensed and insured by Federal and State authorities. However, due to major post COVID19 changes, raging inflation both in cost of goods, and cost of labor we have felt that our piano moving rates are not as affordable as they used to be. Therefore, we've decided to create a blog post describing the upright piano moving process for those who might consider moving a piano as a DYI project. While our methods might be different from others, we believe that it is not subpar, and certainly safe for professional movers. Please exercise caution, and consider hiring professional piano movers if you don't feel confident enough.

Before you begin:

  • Identify the weight of the piano. On average, spinet pianos, which are the smallest of the uprights, weigh about 300 pounds. Studio pianos, slightly larger and used often in music education, come in around 400 pounds. Console pianos, known for their moderate size and commonly found in homes, typically weigh about 350 to 450 pounds. Traditional upright pianos, with their tall frames and full-bodied sound, can weigh between 500 and 800 pounds. Antique upright pianos, which often feature more ornate designs and heavier materials, may weigh well over 800 pounds, depending on their construction and the materials used. The number of people who will be moving the piano will depend on the weight of the piano, complexity of turns, and presence of stairs. Typically, we assign two professional movers for the job, but for a DIY project, three people are recommended.
  • Plan the route of piano moving. Select the pathway with least of amount of stairs, steps, turns and uneven surface. Measure the door's openings, tight hallways and compare against the piano dimensions. At times pianos need to be flipped on their side in order to clear tight turns, and we won't be covering this method in our guide for safety considerations.

Collect necessary tools and supplies

  • 3-4 High Quality Moving pads [quilted, thick]
  • 4 wheel dolly [soft rubber wheels]
  • 4 ratcheting straps [soft]
  • moving tape
  • plastic wrap (optional)
  • used cardboard

Final steps before moving the piano

You can sustain injuries while moving pianos, and damage both piano and your residency. Take extra precautions if you have an pre-existing injury or other physical limitation. Do not attempt to move a piano without adequate tools and equipment.

Orange County Piano Movers
Orange County Piano Movers

Now that you have gathered all supplies and equipment, gave a thorough consideration to safety we can proceed to the piano moving steps.


Move the piano slightly away from the wall by about 5-8 inches, to access the handles in the back. Try not to drag metallic casters on the hardwood floors as it will leave scratches and indentations. Many homeowners assume that decorative metal wheels on the piano are there for rolling it on the floor, but from our experience this is not always a case. Sometimes they might be damaged, rusted, or or otherwise inoperable, and will damage your floors if not inspected. Additionally, at time the casters are simply broken and can fall off, causing the piano to lean, and possibly fall. Lay one quality moving pad in the middle of the room. When piano is away from the wall by distance sufficient to get a firm grip, look behind it and find the wood handles. Grab piano by firmly the moving handles and under the keyboard from both sides (2 persons) and lift it by using large muscles of your legs (as opposed to trying to lift it with your arms and back). Give clear commands to your partner, and bring piano to the middle of the room and place it onto a moving pad.


Inspect the pedals and ensure they are in good order. Wrap the lower portion of the piano with the blanket that was left underneath the piano. Use tape to secure the moving pad, ensuring that sticky side is never touching the piano surface. Inspect the keyboard and the lid, ensure it's securely locked or closed. Use 1-2 blankets to cover the top portion of the piano. We prefer to wrap the piano in couple of circles of plastic wrap, to prevent the moving tape potentially leaving residue on the piano surface, but it is optional. Adjust moving blankets on the top portion of the piano to ensure that piano handles in the back of piano are accessible.


Prepare 4 wheel dolly in front of the piano and instruct your partners to lift the piano above the dolly height by utilizing legs. Slide the dolly under piano ensuring the weight is distributed evenly. Instruct your partners to gently lower the piano, but not releasing their grip yet. Ensure piano is stable and safe on top of the dolly. Make sure pedals are not resting on top of the dolly, as they can break away while in transit.

STEP 4. [Optional]

When stairs or steps are present we use ratcheting strap to secure the piano on dolly. In additional to moving pads that are already on the piano, we add one more pads on top the piano, under the strap to prevent any pressure related damage. Place the walking ramp on any potential steps or stairs. We do not recommend DIYers attempting to move upright pianos in situations with more than 2-3 steps, and will not be providing instructions here.


Once piano is secure on top of the moving dolly, carefully transport it to the truck. Make sure 3rd and 4th helpers are providing additional support on the sides in order to ensure that piano is not leaning side to side while moving it on uneven surface. Load into the truck and place it near the cargo box wall.


Unstrap the ratcheting strap if used while transporting. Lift piano once again, and instruct your partners to remove the dolly from underneath the piano. gently place piano onto the truck floor. Bring it flush against the truck wall. Strap the piano to the wall with at least 2 straps. Place folder cardboard sheets under straps to prevent any damage. Avoid strapping around the piano legs, as they are prone to breaking. Use at least 2 straps to secure the top of the piano and bottom to the truck wall. Do not over-tighten.


Drive carefully, avoiding sudden breaking, and potholes. After piano is delivered to the destination repeat the entire process in reverse.

How to Move Piano video guide


This guide is meant to provide insight into the DIY piano moving process, but we can't stress enough the value of professional help for such a task. Our team at Local Orange County Movers is just a phone call away at (657) 231-0555, ready to assist with your piano moving needs with the expertise and care you deserve.

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