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Furniture Hoisting

Furniture Hoisting Services

Navigating the complexities of moving in Orange County often brings us face-to-face with one common challenge: the tight dimensions and intricate configurations of staircases. Bulky and over-sized furniture poses a unique dilemma, as it cannot always be maneuvered up or down the stairs without risking damage to the walls, the item itself, or both. If you find yourself in this predicament, Local Orange County Movers is here to provide a solution with our specialized hoisting services.

When the standard moving process meets such obstacles, our hoisting services become invaluable. To ensure we're fully prepared for your specific needs, we ask that you share detailed information and photos of the items and the moving environment with our office team. This allows us to accurately assess your project and assemble a tailored team for the job. Our highly skilled movers come equipped with the necessary straps, hoisting tools, and a strategy to meticulously safeguard both your valuable furniture and the property during the hoisting process, ensuring a seamless operation with no damage.

Furniture Hoisting Steps

When you choose our furniture hoisting services, you can expect the following meticulous steps:

  • Protective Wrapping: Everything will be carefully wrapped in many covers of protective pads and shrink wrap by our professional packers and movers. Since all your belongings will be sent in one trip and subject to hoisting, wrapping is necessary to avoid damage to your belongings caused by straps. Or it is to avoid hitting the wall or railings during hoisting. We provide services with more furniture pads and shrink wraps for protection.
  • Ideal Hoisting Locations: To be on the safe side, find the best spot for hoisting. It should be generally free from obstructions and avoid hoisting near windows or when trees are obstructing the view. Balcony is usually the best option if you have a house or flat where you can safely hoist.
  • Secure Straps: We use specialized moving-hoisting straps that encircle the moving object and hold it on all sides, preventing the object for slipping away prior to the hoisting process.
  • Professional Hoisting: Our professional’s movers supervise and direct this service, we will lift the selected furniture piece with care and coordinate a placement in your requested location.
Furniture Hoisting
Furniture Hoisting

It's important to note, for the safety of our team and the integrity of your items, there are certain limitations to our hoisting services. We are unable to hoist objects weighing more than 300 pounds. Similarly, for safety and structural reasons, we do not perform hoisting operations that involve the use of roofs. These guidelines help us maintain the highest standards of safety and service excellence.

Choosing our Orange County moving services for your hoisting needs means entrusting your move to professionals who understand the intricacies of safely navigating Orange County's unique architectural challenges. With a commitment to preserving the condition of your belongings and your home, we're dedicated to providing a moving experience that is not only efficient but also meticulously planned and executed. Let us take the complexity out of moving over-sized items, making your transition as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Our Testimonials

  • Rating:

I was very impressed with Local Orange County Movers! What I thought would take half of our day, was done surprisingly quickly and efficiently.


Nicole E.

Placentia, CA

  • Rating:

Recently used OCM for a move and they were great. They worked their behinds off, took really good are of our furniture and overall just did a really good job.


Brandon M.

Newport Beach, CA

  • Rating:

I've hired movers in the past but these guys are the best! They are well equipped, professional and very time efficient. Definitely recommend.


Oscar M.

Irvine, CA

  • Rating:

They have all the right equipment to keep your items and your house safe. My words truly can't even come close to really how perfect they executed our move.


Michelle L.

Costa Mesa, CA

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