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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions We've Addressed

01.What will be my total cost for the move?

Local moving services are charged by the hour as the services required are typically different for each move. Our services are calculated based upon a number of factors: Do you have any stairs? Are you moving more than just one refrigerator? Is your home on two levels or is it all on one floor? Is your home large or small, etc? We work to keep both disruption of your time and its associated cost to the minimum possible, but I have to be honest with you, we can’t guarantee a certain amount of time to complete your move. Be assured we will work diligently to complete your move in the most affordable manner possible to meet your needs.

02.What is your policy on damaged items?

We are insured by the State of California in accordance with the insurance regulations and the basic moving policy covers claims for damage for general liability. We want you to note that the free insurance covers you at the rate of $0.60 per pound in case of damage. You take full responsibility for the value of your furniture if you do not use protection materials, such moving blankets and plastic wrap, recommended by us. We assume no liability for the scratches on your furniture if you choose not to use a recommended level of protection. Even though the price of the move will be significantly cheaper, we strongly advise against sacrificing the quality of the service. On the other hand, items that are not considered valuable and that already have blemishes and/or scratches, you would need to instruct your lead mover to skip the wrapping process.

03.How can I reduce moving costs?

There are several effective ways to minimize the expenses associated with your move. For instance, by demonstrating flexibility, you can schedule your move during off-peak dates or in the afternoon to potentially save on costs. Another cost-saving strategy is to acquire boxes and packing supplies from a nearby hardware store or U-Haul, which can help you save both money and time spent on packing. It's crucial to pack carefully since items packed by the owner are not covered by our moving insurance. Lastly, consider donating or discarding items that are unlikely to be used in the future to further streamline your move.

04.Do you employ day laborers?

I'm sorry but never! All of our employees here at Local Orange County Movers are hand selected to provide you with the most reliable moving service for all your local, long distance and international moving needs. We always implement the use of safety techniques and moving grade protocols to prevent costly mistakes. New employees go through a detailed orientation in which we allow them to get hands on experience so they can learn the ropes and avoiding your belongings from every balancing move. Each and every applicant is screened for alcohol and drug abuse issues as well as any criminal activity involving crimes of moral turpitude
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